The Basic Principles Of Angular routing examples

RouterLink is a directive that is definitely used to bind a route with clickable HTML component. RouterLinkActive is really a directive that's used to include or eliminate CSS classes.

The same as that, our About website page is ready to go. Now it might be confusing how we nested all the things while in the views for the about condition. Why not outline a templateUrl for the main web page and afterwards define the columns inside a nested see object? The key reason why for This offers us a extremely great Resource.

This is an overview of the great tool that's UI-Router. The things you can do with it are amazing and once you check out your application as states as opposed to likely the ngRoute choice, Angular programs can easily be developed to get modular and extensible.

Up to now in this class, we've produced a pair components but we have only worked within one. At this moment, in case you click on the about

Router Imports: The Angular Router is surely an optional provider that offers a certain element view for your supplied URL. It's not necessarily Section of the Angular core. It's in its own library offer, @angular/router. Import what you require from it as you'll from every other Angular offer.

With this webpage, We have now two uncomplicated hyperlinks identified as Dwelling and About. We use ui-Perspective as ng-see in ng-Path to load a specific look at as the user clicks on any url.

In our case in point earlier mentioned we are merely exhibiting the HomeComponent but Commonly we might display an mistake 404 website page.

The magic of Routing is taken care by a service provider that Angular provides out with the box named $routeProvider. An Angular provider is actually a singleton object developed by a support factory. These support factories are functions which, in turn, are produced by a service service provider. The service providers are constructor functions. When instantiated they have to comprise a residence identified as $get, which retains the more info support manufacturing facility function. When we use AngularJS’s dependency injection and inject a services item inside our Controller, Angular takes advantage of $injector to find corresponding service injector.

These actions will be certain that the entire key-worth pairs from the array are exhibited on Every webpage. Utilizing the ng-repeat directive to endure each important-worth pair outlined from the tutorial variable.

$routeProvider is utilized to configure the routes. We use the ngRoute config() to configure the $routeProvider. The config() takes a operate which normally takes the $routeProvider as parameter as well as routing configuration goes In the functionality.

The identify prior to “@” may be the identify in the watch that we are going to exchange with the template(where ui-perspective is outlined) when this route is requested. So this name will become the value of the ui-watch directive.

  up vote 0 down vote I have also face this issue although accomplishing my task the most beneficial to remove that error is use subscribe for route and than use Ondestroy interface for unsubscribe an party

In an actual planet application these controllers will hold lots of logic but for instance sake we just determine a information residence on $scope which later on we use to Show on see.

But I've issue to the login site. login web page has no lefttemplate,footertemplate,headertemplate, How we will established for such a the code structure for login web page with out header/footer/still left portion .

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